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I am a native Irish speaker with a love for movement. Combining two of my passions Gaeilge & movement, Yoga as Gaeilge is one of my favourite classes to explore. I teach personalized yoga classes for schools of all levels, primary or secondary. Yoga as Gaeilge can be a fun and practical way to apply the Irish language alongside moving your body.


I spent most of my school day off playing Football, Soccer, Basketball, and even Camogie. My younger life was busy attempting to create balance between games and schoolwork and often led to burnout. Yoga and breathwork are incredible life tools that have greatly helped me feel grounded and reduce anxiety levels. Today's younger generation are exposed to so many perceived stresses and higher expectations than ever before. 

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The benefits of yoga exercises for students can be amazing. A yoga movement break throughout the day can help with fatigue and give lasting energy for the rest of the day. A 5min breathwork can help dramatically calm the mind and generate focus. A short morning yoga routine can set students up for an energized study day ahead. Think of what benefits a 30min yoga class can offer your students, or better still create a daily yoga or weekly habit of it.


I teach yoga classes in Irish and English and I welcome any special requests from schools, teachers, or students. I can work in person in schools, create specific courses or individual classes. Please get in touch for more information.

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