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I spent over 6 years working in one of Galway's largest medical device companies. A lot of my days involved sitting for long periods. Suffering daily back pain made me begin to realise the impact stationary work practises was having on my body. I choose to take short movement breaks and practise yoga poses as often as possible throughout my day. By far, yoga exercises made the biggest impact on my level of back pain.


The benefits of yoga exercises for office workers or factory workers can be incredible. Regular movement breaks such as deck yoga or chair yoga throughout the day can help with fatigue and give lasting energy. A 5min breathwork can help dramatically calm the mind and generate focus. Nothing energizes me more for the day ahead than some morning yoga. Think of what benefits a 30min yoga class could offer your workers, or better still create a daily or weekly habit of it. Simple yoga suitable for all levels.


I teach yoga classes in Irish and English and I welcome any special requests from any type of business. I can work in person,  online , create specific courses or individual classes. Please get in touch for more information.

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